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Yuko Asano – 4 Experimental short animations


Yuko Asano : Born 1959 in Tokyo. Graduated from Musashino Art University in 1982. She is a co-founder member of the Japanese independent animation group Animation 80. She has organized some screenings (like “the Doll’s Festival”,”Each Xmas Time”), and presented a number of experimental animation works using a variety of materials and techniques during her long career. Her films include ; Spiral labyrinth(82), Kinonaka sasu Sakana no ki(85), The plant of waterside(86), The garden of five fingers(88), The life of ants(94)

1_柳水華苑 / Ryusui-kaen
(1985, 16mm, color, 4:00 min)

A short animation drawn on Washi paper and Cel with a marker and animex. Some Kanji ( they are used in the Japanese poem “Iroha uta”) metamorphose into various creatures.

2_紙の家 / The paper house
(1986, 16mm, color, 2:10 min)

A very short animation drawn on tracing paper with a brush pen and colored pencil.
“This work was inspired by an impressive dream. In the dream, I took a dictionary that printed flip-books in the corner from a book shelf, and when I returned it, the book had disappeared.”[Yuko Asano]

3_五つの指の庭 / The garden of five fingers
(1988, 16mm, color, 5:10 min)

A stop motion animation using several phenakistoscopes of polyhedron and other materials. Five “Egg birds” appears in the artificial garden.

4_蟻の生活 / The life of ants
(1994, 16mm, color, 14:09 min)

A stop motion animation unfolds within a labyrinthine place. A mantis is invading the kingdom of ants while witnessing their ritual activities, and getting into the inside of the group.

SAKUHIN *directed by Yumi Shima

(1987, 8mm, color, 3:00 min)

助成:公益財団法人東京都歴史文化財団 アーツカウンシル東京【スタートアップ助成】

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